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The following are noteworthy recently published books on various aspects of homeland security.
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Supply Chain Security: A Comprehensive Approach
Release Date: 08/11/2013
Written By: Arthur G. Arway
Publisher: CRC Press
Page Count: 189
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This Comprehensive Handbook Discusses The Policies And Protocols Required To Develop And Maintain A Company's Supply Chain Security To Protect Such Assets. This Includes The Capability To Rapidly Respond To Threatening Incidents Such As Theft Or Attack Against Nodes In Its Supply Chain. The Book's Chapters Cover Topics Such As Identifying The Components Of A Supply Chain In Various Industries; The Types Of Threats That Impact On Supply Chain Well-being; Establishing A Security Program, Including Risk Management, To Oversee The Safety Of A Supply Chain, Budgeting For Security; Government And Industry Regulations Governing Supply Chain Security; Technology Resources, Such As Global Positioning Systems, For Enhancing Supply Chain Security; And Case Studies Of Incidents Affecting Companies' Supply Chains And The Nature Of Their Responses To Such Breaches. The Appendices Include Templates Of Checklists For Security Requirements, Procedures, Audits And Budgets.

Reviewed By, Dr. Joshua Sinai