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General Aviation Security: Aircraft, Hangars, Fixed-Based Operations, Flight Schools, And Airports
Release Date: 08/16/2012
Written By: Daniel J. Benny
Publisher: CRC Press
Page Count: 347
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With Commercial Aircraft And Airports Continuing To Pose Iconic Targets For Terrorists To Attack, This Handbook Presents Valuable, Practitioner-based Resources For Developing Effective Security Programs Against These Threats. Following An Overview Of The Threats Against Different Components Of General Aviation (such As Against Aircraft, Airports, And Hangars), The Remaining Chapters Discuss The Types Of Terrorist Groups Likely To Attack The Aviation Sector; The Components Of Physical Security Required To Deter Such Threats (such As Intrusion Detection Systems And Security Cameras); The Roles, Responsibilities And Training Of Security Forces; The Nature Of Emergency Response To Such Attacks; And Government Regulations For Securing The Aviation Sector. The Final Chapter Provides A Listing Of Reference Resources And Publications On Aviation Security. The Appendices Include A Valuable Sample General Aviation Airport Security Plan.

Reviewed By, Dr. Joshua Sinai