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The following are noteworthy recently published books on various aspects of homeland security.
Reviewed by IACSP writer Dr. Joshua Sinai - View Bio

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Risk Analysis And Security Countermeasures Selection
Release Date: 12/18/2009
Written By: Thomas L. Norman
Publisher: CRC Press
Page Count: 422
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With The Strong Need By Security Professionals For Tools To Assess, Measure And Prioritize The Risks And Vulnerabilities Their Facilities And Personnel Face From A Spectrum Of Threats, This Comprehensive Handbook Presents The Types Of Practitioner-based Qualitative And Quantitative Methodologies That Will Enable Them To Conduct Such Assessments And Prioritize The Resources Needed To Effectively Respond To Such Threats. The Chapters, Which Are Clearly Written, Cover Topics Such As An Overview Of Risk Analysis Methods; The Skills Required To Conduct Such Assessments; Characterizing And Identifying One's Critical Assets; Assessing The Criticality Of One's Assets And The Consequences Of Attacking Them; Conducting Threat And Vulnerability Analyses; Estimating The Probability Of Different Categories Of Threats, Such As Terrorism And Criminality; How To Prioritize Risk; The Components Required To Develop Effective Security Countermeasures, Including Prioritizing The Selection And Effectiveness Of Such Countermeasures; And The Elements Required To Write Effective Reports.

Reviewed By, Dr. Joshua Sinai