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Data Mining And Predictive Analysis: Intelligence Gathering And Crime Analysis [Second Edition]
Release Date: 01/08/2015
Written By: Colleen McCue
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Page Count: 422
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Predicting The Likelihood Of Future Terrorist Attacks, Their Frequency, The Types Of Weapons Used, Targeting Locations, And Timing Of Incidents Is One Of The Greatest Challenges In Counterterrorism Analysis. This Textbook Presents A Comprehensive Overview Of The Field Of Predictive Analysis As It Is Primarily Applied To Crime Analysis, Where It Is An Established Law Enforcement Intelligence Practice With Great Success Over The Years In Identifying Crucial Trends And Patterns That Have Contributed To Apprehending Criminals With Greater Efficiency. With Criminal And Terrorist Activities At Times Overlapping, Such Predictive Tools And Methods Have Great Utility For Counterterrorism, As Well. This Textbook Is Divided Into Five Sections: An Introductory Overview Of Basic Statistics And Data Mining; Methodologies To Conduct Predictive Analysis, Such As The Intelligence Cycle, Sampling, And Selecting Appropriate Algorithms For Modeling Criminal Activities; Applying Such Methodologies To Predicting Various Types Of Crimes, Including Conducting Risk And Threat Assessments Of Crime Patterns; Examples Of How Such Methodologies Are Used In Surveillance Detection Of Criminals And Their Activities; And Future Trends In Predictive Analysis, Such As Its Use In Generating Geospatial Patterns Of Crime Incidents And In Monitoring The Suspicious Activities Of Criminals In The Internet's Social Media Websites. As A Textbook, It Is Supplemented By An Instructor's Manual And Other Online Resources. The Author Is A Veteran Law Enforcement Intelligence Practitioner Who Has Worked At The Richmond, VA, Police Department As Well As Consulting Firms In Northern Virginia.

Reviewed By, Dr. Joshua Sinai