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The following are noteworthy recently published books on various aspects of homeland security.
Reviewed by IACSP writer Dr. Joshua Sinai - View Bio

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The Art Of Awareness And Attack Survival
Release Date: 12/12/2017
Written By: Jonathan T. Gilliam
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Page Count: 224
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Table Of Contents: Foreword By Sean Hannity; Introduction: Warning - This Book Will Change The Way You See The World; Key Terms; Part 1: The Attacker; What Is The Attacker Mindset?; What Is An Attack?; Part 2: Building An Attacker's Target Package; Charting Target Package Information; Remote Information Collection; On-Site Information Verification And Collection; Part 3: The Defender; Defender Mindset; Defensive Actions; Part 4: Escape, Evade, Fight, And Fear; Escape; Evade; Fight; Fear Is Not A Gift; A Final Warning; Part 5: Putting It All Together; One Last Case Study; Conclusion; One Last Prediction.

Reviewed By, Dr. Joshua Sinai