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Understanding Angry Groups: Multidisciplinary Perspectives On Their Motivations And Effects On Society
Release Date: 01/23/2017
Written By: Susan C. Cloninger And Steven A. Leibo
Publisher: Praeger
Page Count: 434
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Table Of Contents: Introduction; Section I: From The Social Sciences And The Humanities; The Role Of Individual Differences In Inciting Anger And Social Action; Attributions To Prejudice: Collective Anger And Action; Moving Toward Extremism: Group Polarization In The Laboratory And The World; The Anger Of Women Warriors; Warrior Rage: The Many Dimensions Of Anger In Our Military And Veterans; "A Bad Counselor": Anger In The Bible; Anger And Conflict In Cinema; Anger, Connection, And Activism: Coming Of Age In Harry Potter; Section II: From A Historical To Geopolitical Context; Revolution, Emigration, And Anger: Angry Exile Groups In The Aftermath Of The French And Russian Revolutions; The Extreme Right And Neo-Nazism In The Post-War United States; Fighting "The System": The Turner Diaries; The Institutionalization Of Political Anger: The Case Of The Affordable Care Act; Anger And Political By Cubans In Florida Since 1959; Nixon, Latin America, And The Politics Of Anger; The Greeks Know Anger: The Causes And Consequences Of The Continuing Crisis Of Capitalism In The Eurozone South; Environmental Conflict, Collective Anger, And Resolution Strategies In The Niger Delta Conflict; Anger And Politics In Iran; Burning For Independence: Anger, Violence, And The Evolution Of The Tibetan Independence Movement; The Role Of Anger In The Radicalization Of Terrorists; Conclusion.

Reviewed By, Dr. Joshua Sinai