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The following are noteworthy recently published books on various aspects of homeland security.
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Risk Analysis And Security Countermeasures Selection
Release Date: 12/18/2009
Written By: Thomas L. Norman
Publisher: CRC Press
Page Count: 422
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With The Strong Need By Security Professionals For Tools To Assess, Measure And Prioritize The Risks And Vulnerabilities Their Facilities And Personnel Face From A Spectrum Of Threats, This Comprehensive Handbook Presents The Types Of Practitioner-based Qualitative And Quantitative Methodologies That Will Enable Them To Conduct Such Assessments And Prioritize The Resources Needed To Effectively Respond To Such Threats. The Chapters, Which Are Clearly Written, Cover Topics Such As An Overview Of ...
Risk Assessment And Security For Pipelines, Tunnels, And Underground Rail And Transit Operations
Release Date: 09/03/2014
Written By: Anna M. Doro
Publisher: CRC Press
Page Count: 414
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With Gas And Oil Pipelines, Tunnels And Rail Transit Systems Subject To Continuous Terrorist Attacks (and Other Types Of Disasters) Around The World, This Comprehensive And Detailed Handbook Presents A Quantitative Risk Assessment Methodology To Enable Security Planners To Protect These Critical Infrastructure Nodes From Such Threats. The Risk Assessment Methodology Is Based On What The Author Terms "cumulative Prospect Theory," Which Is A Quantitative Psychology Assessment Process To Measure ...
General Aviation Security: Aircraft, Hangars, Fixed-Based Operations, Flight Schools, And Airports
Release Date: 08/16/2012
Written By: Daniel J. Benny
Publisher: CRC Press
Page Count: 347
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With Commercial Aircraft And Airports Continuing To Pose Iconic Targets For Terrorists To Attack, This Handbook Presents Valuable, Practitioner-based Resources For Developing Effective Security Programs Against These Threats. Following An Overview Of The Threats Against Different Components Of General Aviation (such As Against Aircraft, Airports, And Hangars), The Remaining Chapters Discuss The Types Of Terrorist Groups Likely To Attack The Aviation Sector; The Components Of Physical Security ...
Supply Chain Security: A Comprehensive Approach
Release Date: 08/11/2013
Written By: Arthur G. Arway
Publisher: CRC Press
Page Count: 189
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This Comprehensive Handbook Discusses The Policies And Protocols Required To Develop And Maintain A Company's Supply Chain Security To Protect Such Assets. This Includes The Capability To Rapidly Respond To Threatening Incidents Such As Theft Or Attack Against Nodes In Its Supply Chain. The Book's Chapters Cover Topics Such As Identifying The Components Of A Supply Chain In Various Industries; The Types Of Threats That Impact On Supply Chain Well-being; Establishing A Security Program, Including ...
Security For Colleges And Universities
Release Date: 10/01/2015
Written By: Lawrence J. Fennelly And Marianna A. Perry
Publisher: ASIS International
Page Count: 246
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The Contributors To This Practitioner-oriented Edited Volume Examine The Security Challenges Confronting Colleges And Universities, Such As Active Shooters, Bomb Threats, Crimes (including Sexual Rape), And Fires. The Volume Is Divided Into Three Sections: First, The Nature Of The Threats, Conducting Threat And Risk Assessments, And The Components In Establishing Security Programs, Including Hardening Soft Targets; Second, Key Elements Of Effective Physical Security And Training Programs ...

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