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Hidden Pinhole Cameras, Microphones, and Digital Video Recorders
There are neckties that cost less than thirty five dollars and contain a pin hole camera, microphone, and digital video recorder. Such a device could be used to record a family event such as a wedding or a family reunion. The device could also be used in a lawful investigation to collect evidence. Unfortunately, the device could also be misused by someone who is doing a survey of an area where they plan to do a terrorist act.

In the past, law enforcement and intelligence personnel were aware of people using a camcorder to film bridges and critical infrastructure. It is important to remember that video cameras are now small enough that they can be hidden in car keyfobs, ties, and baseball hats. These devices hold the video in a microSD card.

Other pinhole camera systems may transmit wirelessly to another location where someone may be looking at the video or recording it. Someone may choose that option rather than risking a search and having a microSD card that contains surveillance video. It may seem hopeless to try to catch someone who is conducting a covert surveillance on a possible target.

There are devices such as hidden camera detectors that can be obtained from a variety of places online. These devices detect radio frequency known as RF, and some can even show the video of a nearby wireless camera. The devices which do not transmit anything would be harder to detect. It may be necessary to seek permission from the suspect to examine a hat, tie, or keyfob. Perhaps a search warrant is needed if the person is uncooperative and probable cause can be established.

It is important to remember that any device can be used for good or evil. The screw driver for example can be used to stab someone or as a burglar tool. However; the same screwdriver can be used to fix a car, open or door, or repair a wheelchair. Tools are used by people who have certain agendas and have different intents. We are living in a world that is constantly changing and we need to be aware of change, adapt to it, and figure out ways to overcome challenges. It is good to network with other professionals, read journals and magazines, and keep up to date with the challenges. We need to talk to others because no man is an island.


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By Eamon Doherty
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