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The Future of Education in Computer / Cell Phone Forensics

I have been asking many academics in England, the Far East, and in the United States about both the present methods of teaching cell phone forensics and computer forensics and how that may change. In 2008, there was generally more money available for corporate security professionals and academics to fly to remote locations, book a hotel, and take a week long class.

However; in the last two years there has been a shakeup in the financial community that has caused companies to lose business and cut their expenses. Training seems to be one of the first things that are cut. This is very unfortunate because computer and cell phone forensic experts need to constantly update their training and perform digital evidence examinations in order to keep their certifications current.

Yoel Piney of PSE&G is a digital evidence investigator who needs to have the latest training in computer and cell phone forensic software but cannot spare the time or expense to fly, book a hotel, and take a class in another state. Yoel and other digital investigators have engaged in a new trend in education.
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