Membership Help & Info ...

IACSP MEMBER LOGIN HELP! If you find that you are having problems logging into the Members only area of the site please review the following information before contacting the IACSP directly, as the answer to your problem may be on this IACSP Member Help Page.

We suggest you read the following before contacting us:
We have noted some of our members are using an anti-Spam system known as EarthLink Spam Blocker as part of there EarthLink package. This system is meant to protect you from Spam, but in our opinion it does more harm then good, as it also blocks legit mail from getting to you via our membership system as well as plenty of other mail you may want and need form other organizations. So in the case of an EarthLink email with the anti-Spam system in place you will most likely never see your signup username and password ...

The only way to prevent this is to not use the system from EarthLink, or you must add to your list in your EarthLink anti-Spam control console, then try and have our system resend your user/pass. You will not be contacted by us and you will not have access if you dont pay strict attention to getting around the problem presented by using EarthLink.

If you are still having login problems ... YOU MUST Contact the IACSP directly using a non EarthLink address. This way we can get in touch with you. We are sorry but we have spent much time trying to get in touch with members who had access problems and cannot if they are using the EarthLink anti-Spam system ...

Is your connection behind a firewall? This can cause many problems accessing online systems. Please disable any firewall software you may have in place. This is usually a separate program running on your computer or network, or it may be part of a suite such as NORTON Internet security.

If you have any of the above, please disable them before trying to login to the members only sections of this site.

Have you tried your user name & password at least twice? Many times due to a new server configuration, you may be asked again to enter your login credentials. This works for most, and access will be granted on the second try. Some people have reported that they are denied on the first try but allowed access on the second. We are working to make the login process more streamlined. Did you forget what your password was? follow this link, SEND MY PASSWORD?

Is your membership still valid? Most times login problems are due to the fact that a member may have tried to login to the system on 01/04/07, but your original signup date entered into the system was 01/03/06. If you only had a 1yr membership this would mean, that your membership has now expired and you will be denied access to the "Members Only" section area. If you are not sure, please visit our verification page. We will tell you when your name was entered into our system, what day it is valid, or if it has expired.

Did you just recently change your email address? If your answer is yes, then you must notify the IACSP of this change ASAP, as this is used as part of your ID. If you try and resend a lost password, this will fail as the email on file is not the same as the one you are currently using. Please FOLLOW THIS LINK to notify the IACSP of your email, and or address changes in order for us to update your records.

Did you signup using PayPal? The IACSP offers many signup options. Due to this fact, if you originally signed up for your membership using PayPal, it is best that you continue to use and renew via PayPal only ... or you may be double billed by both our automated system and the IACSP billing dept. Our suggestion here is, if you decide to renew a membership using a different method then you originally signed up with, you must notify the IACSP immediately of this change explaining you originally were paying via PayPal. This will allow IACSP to make a note of the change on your account. You must then cancel your PayPal subscription, so that you are not billed any longer through PayPal.

The reason you may be denied access is because you signed up one year via PayPal, but the following year via fax or phone. Now our system will have you as expired because you switched payment methods without notifying us. If you had originally used PayPal, this will mean your records have never been updated with the new data, as the only truly automated way to have your data entered is using our PayPal method. This is the recommended and smoothest payflow method we use.

Thus a good rule of thumb to abide by, is renew the same way you signed up originally.

This will minimize many problems you may have had if this rule is followed.