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Check Status! If you do not know your status or you find that you are having problems logging into the Members only area of the site, please review the following information before contacting the IACSP directly, as the answer to your problem may be that your membership has expired.

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The IACSP now has a convienent easy to use membership status checker. If you forgot your original signup date, and you are unsure if your membership is still valid, you can now check by just entering your original signup email. If that fails, try the next email you think may be on file with us.

To use our status checker, enter your original signup email into the field above, then click Check My Status. Information on your membership status should then be displayed on the page.

Is your membership still valid, use this page to find out? Most times login problems are due to the fact that a member may have tried to login to the system on 01/04/07, but your original signup date entered into the system was 01/03/06. If you only had a 1yr membership, this would mean that your membership has now expired and you will be denied access to the "Members Only" section. If you are not sure, then this page could help you determine your membership status in just a few seconds.

Use this form to see if you are even listed in our DB. If our system says no membership was found, yet you know you are a valid member, please contact us directly stating your signup information and we will gladly look into this for you.