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10/08/08 - IACSP Launches New Back Issue Archive
For all of you who have asked about the availability of back issues and how you may purchase them, the IACSP has just launched our new back issue archive on our website. Just select the year or years you would like to purchase, and the issues will be shown to you with a full color image of what the magazine looks like, along with descriptive literature on the articles inside. You can then find the issue you are looking for at first glance ...

If the issue is available, it will have a purchase button. If it is not available, you can still see information about the selected past issue ... thus our archive serves as both the history of the journal, and a one stop shop to get the missing issues you have always wanted.

As one of the earliest publishers of this information, you can now read about the early days of Osama Bin Laden's history, Saddem Hussein, and other infamous leaders, in an easy to read format, up to the present day war information.

Copies of available Issues are limited. Act now !