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MTM Special Ops Watches is the leading manufacturer of tactical military watches for men worldwide. After years of development, MTM unveiled the most durable and innovate watches through the Special Ops collection. These hard to find combat ready timepieces are GSA approved, Mil-Spec compliant and limited edition. Each watch is exclusively made and fabricated from a solid titanium or 316L stainless steel. Only previously offered to military, law enforcement and public service members, MTM Special Ops Watches are now available to the public through MTM and select authorized retailers.

MTM Special Ops Watches are built for action! Visit: https://www.specialopswatch.com

The ShatterGARD Company protects people and property worldwide by offering a variety of unique security services and products. Our unique window films not only beautifies your home or business, it also defends against burglaries, mother nature and bomb blasts. Wherever glass protection is required.. you can bet ShatterGARD has a product for you. www.shattergard.com


The New York Tactical Officers Association is a not for profit corporation established to promote training, professionalism and the exchange of information between members of law enforcement, tactical units and crisis negotiation teams within New York State and beyond. The association strives to advance individual and team knowledge by providing a network to share best practices, sound tactics, training and operational experiences. The association works to foster the highest professional standards and levels of competence by providing high quality instruction to its members. Membership is available to sworn law enforcement, corrections and military in all 50 states and all allied nations. www.nytoa.org


Henley-Putnam University is a leading educational institution in the field of Strategic Security. Henley-Putnam's degrees in Intelligence, Protection, and Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies prepare law enforcement, military, intelligence community, and private industry professionals with the network, skills, and insights to advance in their careers and protect the future. Henley-Putnam, an accredited member of DETC, offers Online BS/MS Degree Programs. For more information on Henley-Putnam University, call 888-852-8746 or visit us online at http://www.henley-putnam.edu.


The Performance Institute is a private, nonpartisan think tank improving government results through the principles of performance, competition, transparency and accountability. http://www.performanceweb.org

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