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2008 Conference Pics

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The 16th Annual IACSP Terrorism Trends & Forecasts Symposium, held on May 2, 2008 in New York City, was very successful. A full house of security professionals attended the Symposium which was held at the New York Athletic Club, one of the most prestigious private clubs in the world.

Speakers were very well-received by an enthusiastic audience of attendees from: Law Enforcement, Government, Military, and the Corporate Security Community. Topics included: What science and technology can, could and should do to assist the government in dealing with known and future threats to the nation ... The controversial study prepared for the Port Authority of New York about the first terrorist attack on US soil in 1993 ... The relationship of our current problems with illegal immigration ... Managing intelligence programs that utilize human intelligence and the use of informants in fighting intelligence ... Adversarial Targeting in order to effectively interdict adversarial planning at the earlier phases of an attack ... Insight into deployment in the World Trade Center Attack in 2001 and much more.

An excellent conference from every standpoint. The speakers were all exceptional and I learned a lot of new stuff. DC

Great conference. This was my 5th one as a long standing IACSP member since 2000. This was the best group of speakers I have seen. GS

Worth my long trip. Good info. Met many interesting people and made good contacts. Would have liked it to have been for 2 days. AL

Would have liked more counter-Intelligence stuff but I still got great info from your excellent speakers. Made some good connections. BJ

Great conference. Excellent speakers. Would have liked Port Security Maritime information and more vendors and a two day conference. CT

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