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2009 Conference Pics

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Photos from the The IACSP 17th Annual Terrorism Trends & Forecasts Symposium September 18, 2009, held at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Wilson Auditorium in Hackensack, New Jersey. Opening Remarks were made by Kenneth T. Vehrkens, Dean of Petrocelli College of Continuing Education.

Topics discussed included: The factors that caused proliferation of Islamic Radicalism in the last few decades, the mind set development of the Jihadists and their motives. The issue of Islamic Reformation and a strategic plan to defeat Radical Islam. The Immigration Enforcement Tripod: If properly implemented it could address all of the deficiencies of the immigration system as well as address other components of the immigration system that are charged with the responsibility of enforcing and administering our nation's immigration laws.

The Ultimate Back- Up- Resilience Building in First Responders: What makes one officer feel utilized and enhanced in a moment of response to traumatic events and another one fall apart? Who are you in this analysis of psychological resilience and what can be done to reinforce your current capacity in times of crisis?

The background, goals and recent accomplishments of Al Qaeda, the Taliban and their allies. What actions these groups will most likely take if they defeat the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Reasons why the US and its allies should continue to fight the war in Afghanistan and defeat the terrorist groups in Pakistan.

"National Security and Liberty: A Delicate Balance"
The war on terror requires us to balance our personal autonomy with the need of public order. Our nation needs to provide both liberty and security. This can only be accomplished by an engaged and vigilant citizenry, and the healthy dynamics of the three branches of our national government.

US concerns regarding terrorist support from Narco-terrorism and fraudulent, financial and commercial criminal activities.

The speakers were all excellent and I got great information from them all. MF

This was the best group of speakers of the six IACSP Conferences I have attended. JD

Made some strong potential connections and the speakers you had were all very good. EM

Met many interesting well informed people, and speakers were all very knowledgeable and were very good. AC

Best group of speakers I have heard in a long time. They were all exceptional. SG

I had a very long trip to get there but I am glad I came. Speakers were all very good and made some good contacts for future possibilities. AE

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