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The Era Of Space Expansion Influences And The Threats To The U.S. Presence In Space

By Jennifer Hesterman and Alexandra Sosa

Space-based capabilities play a critical role in our everyday lives. They control our virtual finances, transportation systems, home electronics, global communications, and more. The applications of these new assets are equally relevant in both the civilian and military sectors. As such, we are becoming more dependent on yearly exploration and expansion of the cosmos. Subsequently, new threats have emerged in the latest iteration of “the space race.”

The new era of recognition compelled many countries to create or improve their space capabilities. In addition to state actors, many companies are involved in cosmos commercialization. Nations are separating their space agencies into civil and military, creating specific goals and resources for militarization. The race to become the most substantial presence has placed a target on the United States' back, resulting in the development of new resources to assist with foreign counter-space missions.

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