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Radicalization in Georgia: The Impact of the Chechen Wars

By Elena Pokalova

Sharing a border with a territory experiencing an insurgency poses numerous risks for the government. Neighboring violence can spill over to your territory, or insurgency can grow and engulf your citizens.

Such overt implications, though, are not the only possibilities. The impact can be subtle, if your territory serves as a safe haven or a transit zone for insurgents. The movement of people, ideas, and money can impact local populations through introducing new concepts and ideas. As the case of Georgia illustrates, such impact can surface years down the road.

Georgian Fighters Appear in Syria and Iraq

The country of Georgia has had very few first-hand experiences with terrorism. As a result, it was surprising to see Georgian citizens appearing among ISIS cadres in Syria and Iraq.i It was particularly puzzling why ISIS propaganda found supporters in this majority-Christian country.


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