Special Report - 11/15/23
The Strategic End-State for Israel's Military Operation in Gaza

By Dr. Joshua Sinai

Israel is justified in pursuing a transformative regime change in Gaza. On October 7, Hamas committed the most horrific mass genocide attack against an adversary country’s citizens since 9/11 (including holding some 240 hostages, with most of them civilians), undermining its legitimate right to continued rule.

Nevertheless, unless a new transformative strategic end-state is formulated by the Israeli government for the concluding phase of its ground invasion in Gaza to overthrow and destroy Hamas’s political and military leadership and infrastructure, the military campaign is bound to fail in achieving long-term political objectives to ensure Israel’s long-term security.
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Special Report - 09/10/21
The Timing of Terrorism: The Obsessions with Dates

By Christopher C. Harmon

This month is the black anniversary of September 11, 2001.  It has many meanings for us, but was that date in particular selected by Al Qaeda?  A few suggest there is a link to the last day of battle in 1683 at the gates of Vienna, a titanic Moslem-Christian struggle for western Europe.  Americans might also wonder whether 9/ll—numbers that cry “emergency” to this country—were a clever choice by the terrorists as psychological warfare.
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Special Report - 10/29/20
France's Fight against Islamism

By Olivier Guitta
During his French presidential campaignFrance's Fight against Islamism    in 2017, then candidate Emmanuel Macron had promised that if elected he would tackle the fight against Islamism in his first 100 days in office. It took him actually three and a half years to deliver a landmark speech and a plan to deal with that thorny issue. While Macron said all the right things, including calling a spade a spade, the measures are not going far enough and some are likely not to be implemented.

President Macron wants to defend secularism against Islamist separatism and his government will present a law by the end of the year. That law will supposedly allow the dissolution of religious groups that 'attack the dignity of people, using psychological or physical pressure, and break the values of France'. Macron insisted 'no concessions' would be made in a new drive to push religion out of education and the public sector. An important measure is to stop foreign imams from coming to France: about 300 imams come each year from Turkey, Algeria, Morocco to preach in French mosques.
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