Special Report - 03/30/17
Terrorism threat to Europe if the UK is refused a trade deal

By Ian Drury and Larisa Brown for the Daily Mail

* UK Government threatens to withdraw security expertise over trade deal dispute
* Europol - EU's policing agency - would lose access to UK world-class intelligence
* Security chiefs in Brussels concerned as other nations rely on British capabilities
* UK one of largest contributors to global fight against crime, including extremism

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said Britain was the argest contributor to Europol
Europe will be more vulnerable to terrorism and organised crime if Britain is refused a significant trade deal, it was claimed last night.

Europol, the EU policing agency, will lose access to the UK’s world-class intelligence and policing capabilities if there is no agreement, the Government warned.

Security chiefs in Brussels will be worried because Britain is one of the biggest contributors to the global fight against crime, including extremism, people-trafficking and cyber-crime, and other nations rely on UK intelligence.
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Special Report - 03/22/17
Five dead and about 40 injured in London

By Toby Melville and William James

Five people were killed and about 40 injured in London on Wednesday after a car plowed into pedestrians and a suspected Islamist-inspired attacker stabbed a policeman close to Britain's parliament.

The dead, in what police called a "marauding terrorist attack," included the assailant and the policeman he stabbed. The other three victims were among those hit by the car as it sped across Westminster Bridge before crashing into railings just outside parliament.

Prime Minister Theresa May condemned the attack as "sick and depraved".

"The location of this attack was no accident," she said in a statement outside her 10 Downing Street office late in the evening.
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Special Report - 03/16/17
Russian intelligence officers indicted in massive Yahoo hack

By Claire Atkinson

Two Russian intelligence officers conspired with a pair of criminal hackers to break into millions of Yahoo internet accounts to stage one of the biggest data breaches in history, US Justice Department officials said Wednesday.

The officers at the FSB - Russia’s Federal Security Service and a successor to the KGB - were identified as Dmitry Dokuchaev, 33, and his superior, Igor Sushchin, 43, Justice Department official Mary McCord told reporters at a Washington press conference.

Alexsey Belan, 29, a Russian national and resident who is on the list of most-wanted cyber criminals, and Karim Baratov, 22, who was born in Kazakhstan but has Canadian citizenship, were also to be named in the indictment.
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