Brazil Travel Warning
Possibility of Cyber Attacks!

This message is to alert our those with operations in Brazil of emerging Internet security threats this month.

Recently several hacker groups, including Anonymous – the loosely organized international group associated with hacktivism and various protest movements – have increased support for anti-corruption street protests in Brazil. The protests are scheduled to take place on “Dia do Basta” – Day of Enough – on April 21, 2012, in over 40 cities across Brazil.

The protesters’ main grievances include the perceived impunity that marks the country’s corruption scandals and other corrupt practices of local government. Dia Do Basta protests have been peaceful and relatively small thus far, with no law enforcement involvement.

However, large organizations should be on high alert on April 21, as several hacker groups associated with the coming demonstrations participated in OpWeeksPayment, an operation that took place in late January and early February and consisted of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks targeting the websites of prominent organizations.

It is therefore strongly recommended that those with operations in Brazil take extra precaution to secure their online presence.

Source: SMI-Brazil Security Division

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